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Last night was the fixie finals at Mercredis Cyclistes Subaru de Laval. The energy of this race was very different then previous editions.  The fixie goons warmed up seriously, some on their rollers, some with their headphones on. Everyone knew this was the last race of the summer, making the atmosphere tense and quiet.


The women’s podium was at stake!  The leader of the series, Amand Chudobey-Berger, was sick with a strep throat infection but she managed to make it to the race.  On the mens side, Team IBIKE made it their public goal to work together to put Nic Côté on the podium. All eyes were on Thomas Baillargeon as he has a lead over Nicolas Côté of State who was tied with the absent Antoine Fabry in second. It seemed like one of those three will take the grand championship.


At 8pm the sun started to set under cotton candy clouds and blue skies with more than 35 goons at the start line. The race began and everyone began to push as hard as they could. The pack took off and Emily and Amanda were not able to stay with the lead. After 15 minutes Amanda managed to get back into the pack and stay with them for 4 laps, passing Sarah and taking back her first place position. On the mens side, Team IBIKE managed to push the pack getting Nicolas Côté to finish line in second place with Nic Côté from State Bicycles in first. 20 meters before the finish line, Sarah managed to sneak up behind Amanda for the win and leaving Emily Haus in third. This final race was difficult and challenging, as the racers pushed their limits throughout the entire race.


The fixie season this year was a hell of a good one. Every race was filled with adrenaline, teamwork, and straight up fun. Although the covid pandemic put a stop to great events like these for a year, everyone feels lucky to have them back and are eager for more.   


And guess what?  There will be one last Fixie Race night. August 25 there will be a Keirin style race.  One lap, four riders, with 2 advancing to the next round in a double elimination format.  Stay tuned for more specific details on the race format. This is a pre-registration only race so make sure you get online and pay the fees!

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